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How much do you know about NBC (National building Code)?

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Improve your NBC (National Building Coda) quizzes knowledge with the help of this educational sites.

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As per National Building Code 2016, the minimum size of a habitable room in m2 is

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What is the minimum width for the area that the toilet is in?

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The clear width of entrance and exit to be provided for a wheel chair user is:

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Subdivision/layout plan which shall be drawn on a scale of not less than…………..

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Minimum thickness required for a RCC slab to have a half hour fire rating according to NBC part-IV is:

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According to NBC Part-IV the width of entry for fire fighting vehicle into a premise shall not be less than:

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Which does the building code regulate and control?

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Which is not part of the general powers and functions of the secretary of the Public works, Transportation and Communication pertinent to the National building code?

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The plan of the buildings and elevations and sections accompanying the notice shall be drawn to scale

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Minimum width of footpath to be provided in mixed use area according to URDPFI guidelines is:

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Improve your NBC (National Building Coda) quizzes knowledge with the help of this educational sites.

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The minimum aggregate area of openings (windows & ventilatiors), ……………… of the floor area for warm-humid climate

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What document is necessary in order to legally occupy a building?

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Who is responsible in carrying out the provisions of the National Building Code?

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The site plan sent with an application for permit shall be drawn to a scale of not less than……………..for a site up to one hectare and not less than……………for a site more than one hectare

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Improve your NBC (National Building Coda) quizzes knowledge with the help of this educational sites.

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